Is Fellowship Training And Board Certification All That Matters?

Is Fellowship Training And Board Certification All That Matters?

What Is Fellowship Training?

To become an Orthopedic Surgeon requires a 5 year residency training. Most surgeons want to then specialize and become an expert in one particular area of orthopedic surgeon and will spend another year training under another expert in that particular area. This is called fellowship training. That year is spent with a recognized expert or many experts in your chosen field. The entire year exposes the surgeon to their chosen area of expertise and allows them to see a high volume of patients and surgeries.

Fellowship training is not required and there are many stellar orthopedic surgeons in practice that are not fellowship trained. Fellowship training is only a part of what can make a surgeon an expert. Subsequent experience in treating fractures during day in day out practice is also very important.

There are fellowships that train surgeons in only fractures and there are also fellowships that train surgeons in fractures of individual body parts. These are the surgeons who are most likely to be experts in treating fractures.


What Is Board Certification?

Orthopedic surgeons graduating from residency programs in the United States are required to sit for the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (ABOS) examinations. Part I is a written examination completed at the end of residency. Part II is an oral examination that is taken once a surgeon has been in practice to make sure they are following predetermined standards of care. During this examination the surgeon has to present his surgical cases to experts to prove that they are conforming with the Board’s standards:

‘To ensure safe, ethical, and effective practice of orthopaedic surgery, the ABOS maintains the highest standards for education, practice, and conduct through examination, certification, and maintenance of certification for the benefit of the public.’


Is Fellowship Training And Board Certification All That Matters?

No. FractureMD appreciates that there is more to a good doctor and surgeon than training, qualifications and surgical skill. Our founder became one of the highest rated 5* orthopedic surgeons because his training, surgical skill and qualifications complemented his genuine compassion for patients in need. It is the combination of these qualities that leads to quality outcomes and experiences. FractureMD connects you to experts who our founder respects as not just excellent practitioners, but also excellent human beings and doctors. This is vitally important. Outcomes and experiences are the foundation of our mission.