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How do I confirm that I have a fracture?
If you have an injury that you think might be a fracture, we advise that you visit an urgent care or an Emergency Room to assess your injury. Remember to take a cell phone picture of your xrays or request a disc with your xrays.
How do I get a copy of my x-rays?
Ask the urgent care or ER for a copy of your x-ray images on a disc or preferably, take a cell phone picture of the x-rays (all of them, normally 3 x-ray images per body part).
What Fractues does FractureMD not specialize in?
We do not specialize in skull fractures, facial fractures and thoracic fractures (ribs/sternum).
Can FractureMD help me if I am already admitted to a hospital?
If you have been admitted to the hospital and would like FractureMD to assist connecting you with the best surgeon for your fracture, we may still be able to help you by either scheduling you to see an expert as an outpatient after you are stabilized and discharged from the hospital, or, by connecting you with an expert at the hospital to which you are admitted or by recommending a transfer to another hospital (not guaranteed, only on a case by case basis). If you would like to explore this option it is absolutely necessary that we see your x-ray imaging before we discuss your case. We advise that you submit an online form and email us pictures of your x-rays. If you have an open fracture (compound) or have other significant organ injuries or polytrauma, we may not be able to help you and you may be better served receiving urgent treatment at the facility you are already admitted to. Do not wait for our reply or assume we can help, we do not guarantee that we will be able to assist.
I don’t have a fracture but I still need help. Can FractureMD help me?
If you do not have a fracture but need help, or have a diagnosed orthopedic condition, such as arthritis as a result of a prior fracture, we might be able to help. You are welcome to email us the details of your situation by emailing team@fracturemd.com and we will review your case and reply accordingly if we are able to assist you.
What do I do if I have a medical question?
FractureMD is a referral service only. Our operators are not medically qualified to answer medical questions. Once you have seen the medical team you are referred to, all communication will go through that physician and their office.
What do I do if I need urgent help?
If you need urgent medical attention, attend your nearest Emergency Room or call 911. DO NOT call FractureMD operators. DO NOT wait till your scheduled appointment.